Thursday, January 2, 2014


I look at myself in the mirror and it makes me happy that I don't look 50... I'm not; not until the end of the month.  I look early 40's maybe, and that's good enough for me.

So, what's new here?  Not much.  This blog still is not about diet, exercise, self-improvement, spirituality, how-to (I tried that on another blog), crafts, home decor, babies, toddlers, etc.

This blog is definitely not about fashion, style, or hair and make-up.

And, I doubt greatly that this blog will ever be about finance or politics.

I guess this blog is just a catch-all. It's where I jot down thoughts, ideas, happenings and events... yeah, stuff like that.

Now, speaking of make-up, mirrors, and reflection... now that we've been in this rental for almost a year, I've become accustomed to seeing my face. Not that we didn't have mirrors or windows in our former home, it's just that I never made much use of them for any purpose.  They were just there.  This house may be tiny, but there are loads of walls and doors on which one can see their reflection.  Now, when I catch a glimpse of the complete package, either here at home, or worse, while out and about, I'm not as happy with what I see.  The face is fine... but the body! Needs work. Lots. I'm working on that starting with lunges... you can do them anywhere.

I mentioned above what this blog is not about, but that doesn't mean I'll avoid those topics entirely.

Today, I'm liking my complexion thanks to a Mary Kay gift set that my sister gave me.  I love my Burt's Bees tinted lip balm, in raisin... been using it for years, I like my smile when I wear it. Sometimes, though, change is good. I recently switched the family's shower and shampoo products... loving Aveeno shampoo and leave-in conditioner; the dry shampoo leaves our hair very nice too. Nivea cleansers and lotions are leaving our skin clean and smooth, but mostly, smelling great... fresh. This makes me happy too.

So what are your plans for the start of 2014? I'll be searching for a place to get a decent haircut in my area, also hoping to get in to have an eye exam and new glasses in the near future. Here's to a new year. May it be filled with all things good, comforting, and satisfying.  That's not asking for to much, is it?

What are you welcoming into your life in 2014?

~ Products mentioned in this blog post are not paid endorsements... I just like them.

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