Saturday Sound Bites*

Stopped by my mom's studio apartment today to drop off a few grocery items. It's warm here; I'm in a t-shirt and cropped pants. Mom's last words to me as we exit together through her tiny kitchen's sliding glass door.

Mom - "Ohhh... It's so cold!"

[74 degrees outside.]

Mom - "I haven't given you your new coat!"

[Shaking my head; roasting.]

Mom - "You're cold."

...Wait for it...

Mom - "Come, let me give you the coat. Now that I'm not fat anymore, it's too big."

[Now, I'm hot and mad.]

Me - "Bye, Mom. I love you."

[Car engine starts.]

Me, in my head - "Grrrr"

* Reason Number One why NOT to video record life as I know it.

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