Thursday, February 7, 2013

Empty No More

We have a key!  A key of our own.  We have a home, although, not our own. And I am fine with that.

Counting the days until my key fob holds that lone house key, and excited to enter this home.... all of us, together.  I've been dreaming of cooking favorite meals, sharing family t.v. time, seeing my family's faces morning, noon and night and longing for doggy snuggles from my much missed dogs.

Grateful for those who took us in. Happy to have shared the company of friends and family I had not seen in years, and loved rediscovering old stomping grounds. I've dubbed this period a time of restoration.


There are still many challenges ahead, but I'm ready to help tackle whatever comes our way.

This is how I announced my happy news:

ICYMI~We've found a house to live...all of us. Together! Can you tell I'm excited? What I've learned since 10/2012 ~ Perseverance wins!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

We Have A Home...

It's not our own. But that's okay.  It's an older model with a very lived in feel.  But that's okay. It's furnishings will be sparse for a while. But that's okay.

We have a home... not of our own. But that's okay, because we will all be together again... under the same roof.

We have a home.