Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Oh, Yesterday

Did you happen to catch yesterday's blog post? Menu Managed!?!  More like Menu Mangled! Yeah, go on... link over to it now. There's a pretty sweet selection of foods with which I would be preparing this week's meals - mostly dinners. Well, not so fast.  In fact, whoa Nelly, let's rein things in, we've a very ill wage-earner fighting a mighty cold and cough for the last few days. And, you know what that means when there are no sick-pay benefits from his receptionist position... two days lost income.  What else does that mean? Must make choices: Gas, doctor visit, medications OR food. *sigh*

So here's this week's grocery list re-do:

Ramen noodle soup
green onion
hard candy
Tylenol (assorted varieties)
fizzy beverages
orange juice

Good night.

Oh, and poptarts!

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