The Scale

January 2014 ~ Week One:  The scale lied to me. I stepped on it first thing this morning, wearing my standard bedtime garb... shorts and a t-shirt. I looked down at the digital screen and couldn't believe my eyes! I lost five pounds since Saturday. Truth is, it should have read at least 10 lbs heavier since Saturday. Days of stuffing my face each night with assorted holiday treats should have me in a diabetic coma, or at least sick to my stomach each night.  Neither has been the case... good thing, because everything's been delicious. I'd be sad if I couldn't enjoy it. It's all gone now, well, at least the goodies that I like. I'm not a fan of rice crispy treats made by I know not whom. Anyway, the scale lied to me. I just hope it lies to me... again.

My plan was to drop several pounds before reaching age 50 at the end of January, and since I won't, my liar of a scale and I will meet up every morning. Now, I feel like I should give this grand fibber a name. Something like, Sally.  No, maybe, Susie.  Sondra? Hmmm... why am I coming up with names starting with the letter S? Maybe, it's because the words I'd use to describe said liar - the scale - all start with an s... sturdy, sleek & steely, slender. So what shall it be? Sophia? Yes, I'll make it a friendly name; I like Sophia. The scale is my friend. So is chocolate. Yes, chocolate is my BEST friend.

Mmmm... chocolate.

Happy New Year!

March 2014

03/01 ~ Sure wish the Sophia lied to me today, I'm four lbs over my desired weight loss target for 2014.  Bah!

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