Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I'm 60!

Okay, I'll be sixty years old in ten years... six zero! What. And, if I consider how long I've been writing up until now, yeah, I do believe I will be still be writing in 10 years. Not necessarily blogging though. I surely was not blogging 10 years ago; not even 5 years ago.. at least I don't think so.

I like blogging; the idea that somewhere on the planet, someone has taken a few minutes to read - sometimes, translate - stuff that came out from my thoughts. That's cool, right?  It is rare that I get a comment. I might have a couple of followers.

I started writing to share my family's ordeal during life-changing challenges resulting from long-term job loss and trauma of having to neglect much needed health management for my chronic illnesses.  I was distressed; life was in turmoil. I felt some needed to hear my perspective as an American forced to abandon the idea of that "dream" we all aspire to achieve.

At the moment I'm hoping to eventually go further into telling of my family's experience during our time in A Home Not Our Own. I don't know if there is any interest here, but appreciate, nonetheless, any visits and, maybe, a comment or two every once in a while

Yeah, I'll probably be blogging, or doing equivalent, in the years ahead.

'til tomorrow.

Lil .

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