Saturday, March 1, 2014

Hello, March...

Where've you been, and what took you so long to arrive?  Please, be gentle.

February. wow! Did you have to be so stressful and obnoxious?  Let me start with the weather:
  1. Ninety degree temps... NO, just no. My skin is already crying out from distress because of the intense sun and heat.
  2. Inefficient so called "public social services." How do you even exist? Clearly there is no oversight, and I can only wonder just how many, and at what levels, are turning a blind eye to this entire system. I still don't have a doctor here.
  3. My nearly-paid-off vehicle... why?  I've put so much care into you. Okay, sorry about interior messes. Let me spell it out for you... K-I-D-S & D-O-G-S.  Okay, okay... the whole fam damily is to blame for that.  Sorry.  Anyway, we could handle replacing the headlight bulb, but did you have to go all whole hog and kill us with cost of brakes and oil system repairs. Not to mention, there's still the airbag warning and master cylinder work that needs to be done. We don't have that kind of money to throw around. Hello, ramen noodles. 
  4. Finally, body. Really? I know, age 50... things start to happen.  Granted, things have been happening for the past 25 or so years. But, 2014, things are going down hill fast.  Starting to wonder how much longer I'll be able to stand or walk.
  5. Wait... one more thing. If things weren't crummy enough, my dear, old much beloved Blackberry ticker (battery) took it's last tick.

So, let me repeat... Hello, March! Welcome, welcome, welcome.  You've already been good to me... here on your first day, even! You're nice. Let's see what's in store for us:

  1. First, the weather. Gorgeous... my favorite. Cool, breezy, cloudy, drizzly. Perfection.
  2. Relief. Relieved that The Hub's finally received much needed dental care and is looking forward to being free of extreme pain as root canal treatment proceeds. Grateful for my old friend, and former boss... a dentist; thankful he accepted our cash payment plan request.
  3. Yay, car-y! You are nearly all paid off... thanks for "being there" for me all these years. I knew when I found a photo of you and set it as my computer desktop that you'd be mine; just a few months later you were in my garage. March is gonna  be a busy one, with zero work/kid carpool days off, so stay strong for me. 
  4. Body, you be strong for me too. I somehow managed to get mom's T2 diabetes under control, now it's time to turn focus back on me & the family under this roof by doing all I can to prepare nutritious meals... except today. Oh, and maybe tomorrow. Yeah, let's start that on Monday, when I'll finally have sufficient grocery money available for a week's meal plan.
  5. Oh, boy, try to guess how happy I am that replacement battery for my Blackberry arrived today... go on, try.  I'm super happy!
I have enjoyed my new hobby... vlogging.  Having a lot of fun recording and editing videos to post on my new YouTube channel. Take a look...

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